Did you recently lose your home due to a county tax sale or a foreclosure sale? If so, I have good news
for you.

The county might owe you the excess funds collected from the sale of that property.

That’s right, you could be owed thousands of dollars.

About Me

I’m married to my beautiful wife, Tonia. Together we have a blended family of five adult children, a daughter in law, and two grandchildren. We live in Westfield, In.

I’m a 10- year Army Veteran. After leaving the military, I ran into some hard times adapting to not being in uniform. I found myself falling into a financial whirl wind. Therefore, I can relate to your financial hardships. This business allows me to bring some hope and new beginnings to you. l will bring the same professionalism and honesty to you that was instilled into me in the military.

I started this business to serve the community. I pride myself on being a blessing to others. I would love to assist you in the process of recovering all surplus funds that you are owed, so that you can start to bring back some comfort to your life.

Service Provided

I investigate, locate, and reunite the surplus/excess funds with you, that are owed to you from the sale
of a foreclosed property or tax sale. You, as the previous owner of that property, could be owed the
excess amount collected over the judgment amount against you at the time of the sale. I work with the
local county offices and attorneys to reunite you with your money as fast as possible.

We are here to help you recover what was originally yours! 

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It is risk free!

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

They mailed a notification out to you. However, the notification mailed to the property that
was foreclosed on.

Proof provided upon receipt of your contact information.

No. We work with our attorneys to get the documents submitted to the courts on your behalf.

We charge a flat, all-inclusive percentage fee for our services depending on the complexity of
your case. No upfront cost to you!!

It depends on your specific county’s funds release processing period.

The payments are usually allocated via our attorney, according to what we agree upon in the

Submit your contact information and we will contact you with additional information.

Contact Information

For more information, please fill out the information below. I will be happy to provide you with the necessary documents or discuss your concerns with the process. I look forward to serving you! 

Harris Foreclosure Surplus Recovery

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